The idea of BeeJooS (Aborigine for jewelry) was conceptualized by our Mauritian-born, London-bred, New York-residing founder. On a voyage of discovery back from Vietnam, it dawned upon her that as the world gets flatter, the "global citizen" (the fastest growing population in the world) increasingly craves a global lifestyle experience platform. Combining her passion for continent-hopping (over 40 countries and counting!!!) and keen eye for curating exotic accessories, our founder aimed to fulfill this need….And BeejooS was born!!!
BeeJooS serves as an online destination where fashion meets travel, providing shoppers access to lifestyle accessories from eclectic bazaars and emerging designers from across the world. BeeJooS is uniquely positioned to provide you with timeless and decadent accessories at affordable prices right at your doorstep. We travel around the globe in search of one-of-a-kind statement pieces and handpick our products based on how best they reflect local customs and specific cultural nuances of the country of origin. In short, we seek to be a provider of global fashion locally and bring out the global citizen in you.
Keeping in mind our goal to be the best online portal for providing "fashion meets travel" lifestyle experience, we also feature a travel blog that provides content and insight into whats new and whats hot in terms of alternative travel experience and local travel secrets. We seek to constantly educate our shoppers on hidden itineraries in featured destinations, including go-to sauce spots, off-beat local dining, secret martini dens and unique lodging venues. Our theme of "Shop, Support and Savor The Globe" is based on our belief that one’s passion for global fashion and travel need not be mutually exclusive. BeeJooS’s mission is to provide our "global citizen" shoppers with a single-door access to affordable and alternative fashion and travel experience.
BeeJooS is structured as a social enterprise and seeks to support its designer and artisan community globally. In addition to providing its designers and artisans with an online marketplace, BeeJooS also pledges to donate a portion of the proceeds to charities that address the most pertinent, ground-level social and economic issues of their local communities.
So join us…Shop the World, Support the social cause, Savor the unique cultural nuances...Be a global citizen!!!
BeeJooS is a fashion & travel social enterprise that offers an online market place for artisans and designers from around the world to showcase their products and sustain themselves. With one click, you can shop bespoke accessories from the most exotic destinations and have world traveler style delivered to your doorstep.
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